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Beyond Bookkeeping Jennifer O’Donnell – Owner
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bookkeepingBeyond Bookkeeping is a little different than most bookkeeping services.  While we do offer the standard bookkeeping services that most bookkeepers offer, we like to take it step further.

Bookkeeping is an activity that most small business owners engage in because they have to.  Numbers commonly bring up anger, anxiety, fear, or boredom.  And yet there is a wealth of information in them.

It is our mission to work with you to put systems into place, manual or computerized, to streamline your record keeping.  To give you the most useful information for the least amount of time and effort.  We also work with you to understand your financial information so that you can make more informed decisions that will support and enhance the health of your business.

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About Jennifer

Jennifer O'DonnellI come from a family of number crunchers.  My dad, uncle, and cousin are all Accountants.  I took my first bookkeeping course in Grade 10 and I LOVED it.  I had always loved math, but bookkeeping was like a puzzle that used numbers.  I was hooked.

Right out of university, I began teaching, bookkeeping and computer courses.  Excel and spreadsheets were my next love.  And I found I had a real knack for teaching, sharing my love of bookkeeping and spreadsheets with others.  I still teach bookkeeping courses because I love it so much.

Over the past three decades I have been doing some kind of bookkeeping and accounting consistently, either as my paid job or in volunteer positions.  I have held numerous treasurer positions and spent a good part of my career in various accounting positions. And I continue to teach.

From my history, I have found that I enjoy teaching bookkeeping much more than doing the actual bookkeeping itself. I have also found that many people think that they do not have the number skills necessary to do their books, and that they are wrong.

I want to help small business owners get over their fear of the numbers and understand the wealth of information that they have at their fingertips.