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 Cristallin Toullec Cristallin Toullec
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Services offered in English and French:

Please call or email for rates.

Osteopathy is recognized by many Medical Insurance providers. Check to be sure.

Life Coaching and NLP are not generally recognized by Medical Insurance Providers but some Companies offer employees wellness benefits that do include financial support for these services.   Life Coaching and NLP may be eligible as a business tax deduction.

About Cristallin

Cristallin is a Manual Osteopathic Practitioner D.O. and Life Coach. He has been practicing osteopathy since 2002. His interest in the psychosomatic dimension of physical problems led him to acquire complementary therapeutic tools to develop a more holistic approach to health.

He also works with businesses and individuals as a coach in Neurolinguistic Programming NLP.

Cristallin offers his services in English and French in Fernie at Inside Out Fernie Wellness and also in the surrounding areas of Jaffray, Invermere and Nelson.