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Elements of Self Healing

Denise Holden, Elements of Self Healing
Denise Holden – Owner
Office Hours: by appointment

toll free 1-855-824-8020


Services offered

Rates are 

  • $65 per treatment
  • Local’s first treatment $60
  • For every referral received from clients it is $60 for their subsequent treatments
  • 3 prepaid sessions for $175 allowing one to choose whichever modalities they prefer… Raindrop Aroma  Massage, Registered Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultations, Reiki, Chakra & Energy Balancing, Private Yoga sessions in any combination.

About Denise

Dee has been on a journey of healing since her late teens receiving certification in Yoga, Holistic Nutrition, Family Herbalism, Reiki and Raindrop Aroma Massage along the way. She gives thanks to Nature’s inspiration for the wonder-filled tapestry of the healing arts that is continually being woven inside of her. These are Denise’s offerings, and if they should resonate with you, she wishes to share these healing gifts!

Toll Free: 1-855-824-8020