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Energetic Health

If I asked you the question……….”who is looking after your energetic health,”… what would your answer be?
Most people would answer:
“I’ve never even thought about that” “I didn’t even know that was a thing”

I am here to tell you it is a HUGE thing.

We are made out of energy. It’s science. It makes perfect sense to try an energetic approach to your health and wellness. Health being physical, wellness being mental, emotional and spiritual. Don’t let the word spiritual scare you off from reading the rest of my article!
Spirituality is everything that is you…………your essence. Still with me? Awesome.

We all have a frequency. This frequency is in constant flux depending on what is going on around us and what we have been through. My job is to work with your energy system to clear blockages and congestion which allows your body to start healing itself. This is accomplished through light touch and above body hand techniques. I can feel your energy with my hands! There is such a remarkable difference in my clients after their treatments. Everyone is so relaxed. Activating the parasympathetic system is the basis for all healing.
Healing Touch has so many practical applications which is why it is a leader in the field of Energy Medicine.
Yes, you read that right, Energy Medicine. It’s a thing!

Healing Touch treatments are documented. How else do you keep track of what is shifting or what techniques are the most effective? This is one of the many things I love about this modality. It is goal orientated. It also works alongside any other type of health treatment.

The first time someone comes to see me, we fill out a detailed intake form. I want to know about you. What issues are you having and what do you want to work on? From there, I formulate a treatment plan. There are around 30 different techniques to choose from. You then climb onto my table, I tuck you in with comfy blankets and you relax for 45 minutes. When the treatment is done, we talk about how it went and make a plan for the following treatments.

Easy Peasy

Why would you come see me? I have lots of reasons:

  1. Because you are now curious.
  2. You have chronic pain or an illness
  3. Back pain or injury
  4. PTSD, anxiety, depression or just feel stuck
  5. Stress-who isn’t stressed right now with our current situation
  6. You seek clarity and want to work on your intuition
  7. Plain old relaxation
  8. Grief
  9. Immune support
  10. Cancer support
  11. Peri-menopause/Menopause support

This gives you an idea…… I can support you energetically with whatever you have going on. Now the next thing you might be wondering is……. what is the training for this?
There is actually a Healing Touch Program. To hold a practitioner title, I had to complete 5 different levels including an apprenticeship. There is a board of ethics and a code of ethics we follow which sets us apart from other energetic modalities. If a practitioner want to keep going in the program, there is also certification process. Here is an interesting fact……nurses take level 1 to compliment their patient care.

This is such a random thing so how did I come across this?
Well……it runs in my family. My Aunt gave me a Healing Touch Treatment over 25 years ago and what I felt on her table was something I always thought about. I felt like energy. Lightness, tingling, sinking in to her table…….these are many things my clients feel. A couple of decades passed and my youngest daughter was ready for school. I needed to decide what I was going to do for a career. I remembered that treatment and also the fact that she had given me a box of books which I had out in the garage. Sure enough there were books on energy healing and her first few levels of Healing Touch. Right away I wanted to investigate and went online to see if there were courses. The rest is history. I will never forget the feeling of walking into Level 1 in Calgary eight years ago. I felt like I was home.

As I learned about energy healing, I started to understand myself in a whole new light. Things were making sense. I am highly empathic, an intuitive and was made for this kind of work. It is part of me.

I love helping people and am passionate about Healing Touch. It’s great stuff!

Sound interesting?
Book a treatment with me 🙂 We could all use some stress release and immune support right now. See you on my table.

Kerri Maier
Healing Touch Practitioner
East Kootenay Energy Therapy
Call or text to book: 250-423-1531
Inside Out Fernie Wellness 571b 2nd Ave.

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