Fresh Start Checklist

Fresh Start Checklist

Fresh Start Checklist
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It is all too easy to live in a state of imbalance shuffling our attention from one urgent need to another without ever stopping to take perspective on the whole picture encompassing all the areas of our lives.   

Taking a look at a wide range of factors that are either enhancing or taking away from the balance, peace, freedom and ease in our lives, we can then recalibrate our thoughts and actions to make changes reflecting our values & needs.   

We all have more natural energy when we are clear and in balance with our environment, health, relationships and money. This checklist is a great tool to bring honest awareness to what is going well and what may be looking for more focus & attention in our lives. There’s no better time than the Fresh Start of a New Year to review where we are at and plan for where we would like to go.

Note, this is a very thorough checklist and most people don’t score well the first time they use it.  Let it be a reference tool to help guide your efforts and help you see where you naturally tend to focus your attention and where you may be avoiding circumstances that if left unattended may cause stress & restriction in your life now or in the future.  Don’t worry about tackliing everything all at once. Simply get started with a couple, build some momentum and confidence, schedule in time to review, stay on track and take on new initaitves.

If you are feeling uninspired or overwhelmed and can’t seem to get started or get any traction with it, consider working with a Life Coach to help you move forward.    

Sue Hutchinson Bawden, LIfe Coach and Owner of Evolve INK Coaching & Consulting.