Give Love and Get Love Back!

Gifts of Love

February of course with Valentine’s brings up the subject of Love and the desire to express it in some way.

May everyday be an opportunity to express your Love not just in your romantic relationships but to everyone you love including yourself!  And, those little gifts – acts of love don’t even have to cost you a penny!

For some, Valentines can be a tough day – a reminder of love lost or currently navigating a bump in the road or love that doesn’t seem to be present. Consider reaching out to everyone and anyone as love is a healing energy and can indeed be felt.Steve & Sue at Proposal Point, Whistler, BC

Here is a list of ideas to help you Celebrate your LOVE and send out the LOVE Vibes from Inside Out Fernie Wellness.

1.  Generate a heartfelt connection in person, over the phone, email, via text or an old fashion love letter that expresses your true love, respect, compassion, forgiveness, honesty, understanding and commitment to the person and the relationship.  Simply listening creates great connection or just doing something fun together can be an easy way to create a loving connection.


Enjoying an acupuncture treatment2.   Human Touch is something we can all usually use more of. Be it your touch with a tickle, a hug or a massage. It’s free and it is powerful!  And, you can always make it a professional relaxation massage or hot stone or therapeutic massage.  There’s reflexology to consider too!


3.   Gift Certificates are an easy way to offer sentiments of love and thanks that gives the recipient the ease of picking what they want when they want.  Enchanted Esthetics offers a range of products and services that are perfect for expressing your love and gratitude.



4.   Pamper Yourself or others with awesome organic skin care products by Eminence. See the current specials for February here offered by Enchanted Esthetics.



5.   Give the Gift of Health – offer to pay for a consultation or appointment with Dr. Karley Denoon Naturopath, Adrien of Happy Culture for Acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine or with Cristalin for Osteopathy or Life Coaching.



Nourish Through Nature Clean Eatting Reset

6.   Sign up for a Cooking Class together such as “Clean Eating” with Krissi Hyland Registered Holistic Nutritionist and owner of Nourish Through Nature coming up Tues. Feb. 17th.  See details here.



7.    Indulge in Aromatherapy love blends or put together a little gift basket of ideas from Healing Hollow.




8.    Buy some beautiful local art.  We are currently showing Karen Sims and Camilla Merritt’s beautiful paintings at Inside Out Fernie Wellness and there are only a few left!



9.    Invite them to join you in taking up a new hobby or habit with you. Could be as simple as a daily or weekly walk together or learning to Meditate.  Upcoming Meditation Classes and Drop-in Times can always be found on the events page of our website.


Gifts of Love


10.   Think wonderful thoughts of yourself and others.  As mentioned before, your loving energy can be felt and is not only a healing force for who you direct it to, it is also a wonderful healthy healing energy for you too – your MIND – BODY and SPIRIT!  Try it for 5 min-set your timer, send wonderful thoughts to someone and notice how you are smiling and feel really great.

I love meDon’t forget to do something wonderful for yourself to honor and respect your #1 Relationship which is your Relationship with YOU 🙂  There is one person you are guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with-YOU.