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Gina Rino Acupuncture

Gina Rino, BSc, RAc

Gina Rino AcupunctureFertility & Pregnancy Acupuncture 
Chronic & Acute Pain Acupuncture

Gina has almost 20 years experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine and specializes in fertility and pregnancy acupuncture. She has extensive training in Obstetric Acupuncture and believes in community building and awareness around holistic fertility, healthy pregnancy, natural pain relief in labour and post-natal care for mom, birthing partners and baby. She prides herself on taking an integrative and dynamic approach to healing; tailoring treatments to your individual and ever-changing needs. Gina is a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental and Reproductive Medicine giving her advanced knowledge in the field of pediatrics and reproductive health.

Gina also has specialized training in Comprehensive Injection Therapy, also known as Intra Muscular (IM), Perineural Injections and Prolotherapy. This therapy can heal trauma, chronic or acute injuries, joint pain and instability, reduce the appearance of scars, and treat scar tissue related symptoms, and so much more.

If needles aren’t for you, try acupuncture without needles sound healing: Acutonics®.  Acutonics® is very gentle and great for children, the elderly, or those afraid of needles. Acutonics® maintains all the health benefits of acupuncture.

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