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Happy Culture Inc.

Happy Culture Inc.
Yann Loranger – Astrologer, Apitherapist
Fridays 9am-9pm, by appointment

Services offered in English and French:


Adrien’s Rates

$120/ 90 min new patients initial Acupuncture consult & treatment
$70/ 60 min regular visit Acupuncture clients
$90/ 90 min Acupuncture with Bee Venom Therapy
$90/ 90 min Honey or Tuina massage

Contact Adrien to find out what service or combination of services might serve you best.

Acupuncture is recognized by most medical insurance plans but check with your provider to be sure.

Traditional Chinese Medicine may or may not be eligible for medical reimbursement depending on your plan.

Apitherapy is not yet recognized by medical insurance providers but the associated Acupuncture treatment within Adrien’s practice is.

Yann’s Rates

  • $100 for the first session, 2 hours full chart reading.
  • $75 for any following reading, one hour and a half usually focused on transits.

Adrien Thibault Acupuncturist at Inside Out Fernie WellnessAbout Adrien

Adrien is a registered Acupuncturist and has a doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He also raises bees at the Ideal Wellness Center.

Adrien has a holistic approach to happiness and understands health as our connection to ourselves, others and our environment. Working with bees daily has strengthened his connection to nature and his understanding of interrelationship.

His approach to life & wellness is a culture of happiness, thus fitting his business name – Happy Culture. He envisions a culture that brings harmony, understanding, creativity, health, plenitude and more.

Adrien is currently continuing his TCM study work and will be adding herbal therapy into his practice in 2015.