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Holden Space Healing Arts

 Holden Space Healing Arts Jeffrey Holden
Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist
Somatic Trauma Resolution
Pre and Perinatal Attachment Therapy
Neuro Somatic Massage Therapy


Over the last 17 years, Jeffrey has travelled, studied, and worked intensively in traditional and ceremonial contexts. He’s received certification as a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Somatic Trauma Resolution, Neuro-Somatic Massage Therapy and Pre and Perinatal Attachment Therapy. Through his journey he has found deep healing in his own body, mind and spirit. It brings him great joy to be in service to those in need of support along their healing journey.

Jeffrey is offering an introductory rate of $60 for a 90 minute session at Inside Out Fernie Wellness.  For inquiries, consultation and bookings please call 250-505-3038 or email

In private sessions Jeffrey works with the clients intentions and employs whatever modalities will be most helpful for the client. Sessions can vary from STR dialogue style work to the light touch of BCST in the gentleness of the PPN container to a NST style massage. Bodywork ranges from the lightest of touches, to deep contacts into densely crystallized areas, to rocking movements.  Exercises are given as needed, in sessions and as homework.


Jeffrey HoldenJeffrey photo_holdenspine_borderstarted skiing when he was two years old. He traveled extensively, filming for movies and competing from 1997-2003 as a professional athlete in the discipline of big mountain Freeride skiing. In 1999 he was the IFSA World Tour Champion and held the world record for the highest cliff jump.  In the year 2000 he sat with his best friend and ski partner as he died after attempting a cliff jump in Whistler. In the weeks following the fatal accident he was overcome by waves of emotion that brought forth crippling pain. He was left with two burning questions: What are the driving forces organizing this pain, and how can it be resolved? 17 years later Jeffrey has found healing in his mind, body and spirit. The tragedy of this experience was paramount in initiating Jeffrey’s own healing path and inspired his journey to become a health practitioner in service to others.