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Jennifer O’Donnell Heath Coaching

Jennifer O'Donnell Health Coaching Jennifer O’Donnell – Owner
Office Hours: by appointment
Phone: 250-423-1531


Each person is different and is on their own unique journey.  I will accompany you on your journey, supporting and guiding where you need it most.  I can help in areas of integrative nutrition, stress management, energy boosting, sleep improvement, and toxin management.

I am committed to helping you make changes that will last by helping you identify your true motivation, goals and obstacles.  And I offer the accountability to keep you on track to make your changes sustainable.
I offer a free 30-minute consult where we can talk and determine whether we are good fit for each other.  From there we can determine the best path for you.

The following are some of the options for your journey:

Personalized Wellness Coaching 
(3 months)
This option is best suited for the person who is committed to making the changes necessary to support their health and wellness and need long-term support and accountability to make the changes stick.

1-hour sessions every other week that will include:

  • Extensive food & lifestyle review
  • Goal & motivation clarification
  • Personalized, detailed action plan
  • Written recommendations & resources
  • Tools to make changes stick
  • Unlimited email support

Wellness Consult
 (1 session)
This option is best suited for the person who wants to fine tune their existing health program and is motivated to make changes without on-going support, but would like an objective view of their current habits and choices.

One 1-hour session that will include:

  • Extensive food & lifestyle review
  • Written recommendations & resources

Food Review
 (1 session)
This option is for those people who are interested in a review of their current food choices and recommendations for incorporating choices that will support their health.
One 1-hour session that will include:

  • Personalized food review
  • Healthy choices food guide

About Jennifer

Jennifer O'DonnellI have spent most of my life as a perfectionist.  Constantly searching for the “right” solution.  What I have learned after more than four decades of searching is that there is no one “right” way for anything.  Every person, every situation, every moment is beautifully different.

I have had a particular interest in nutrition since I was 8 years old and learned about Canada’s Food Guide.  This was presented to me as the “right” way and so I embraced it.  Since then I have learned that nutrition and overall health is much more complicated than that.  And this complexity scares or confuses many people.

I have a gift for taking complex information and presenting it a manner that people can understand.

I use my compassion and empathy to help people dig deep into what they really want and what is stopping them from achieving their goals.

I love to learn.  I love to teach. I love to help.

I combine all my skills, knowledge, and passion into support for your wellness journey.