Life is a Team Sport

Life is a Team Sport

Compliments of Sue Hutchinson Bawden, Owner of Evolve INK Coaching & Consulting

What does this phrase mean – life is a team sport?  Well, I guess that depends on who is answering it.  For me the phrase evokes a sense of community, spirit of play and desire to grow individually and collectively.

Life is a team sportI have come to notice as my life evolves and expands that so has my support — resource network wants and needs. It makes sense that if I am going to experience more, a wider network of help would be beneficial. And, that if I want to keep growing and evolving in the Game of Life that it makes sense to create my team with people who have my best interests in mind, professionals with expertise and people with whom I feel a connection with.

The possibilities and potential in one’s lifetime are diverse and can also be daunting.  But if life is indeed a team sport, then we have the opportunity to surround ourselves with many different people to help guide us, support, encourage us and help us take our game so to speak to higher levels.

In our North American current culture it is easy to isolate into a pseudo social environment with electronic devices and the internet as our source of communications, interactions and expertise. But there can be a danger in living life from the perspective of believing we have to be the expert and caretaker of everything-The Lone Ranger. Or only sharing the “what looks good” sides and aspects of ourselves and our personalities.  Human connection, reaching out for support, giving and receiving are key aspects to embrace and nurture so that we may all raise our collective game.

With Team Members in a sport, the work load is spread out, you can focus on what you are good at, let others take care of the rest.  Have you been trying to do it all and are you getting worn out?  Adding in some Team Members, switching out others, creating a new shared Game Plan with them might just be the answer.    

Have a look below at some great Life Team MembersWhere are there gaps for you to fill?  How would this person on your Team make a difference?  Hopefully all Team Members ultimately help you live life with more joy, peace, freedom and ease.


Good Friend(s)
  • Who love & accept you exactly as you are, tell it all, share, vent, relax, be afraid, laugh, cry with, be 100% honest, vulnerable, share life’s ups & downs with.
  • The ones who are pure gold-hold you to a high standard for yourself but also accept your humanity and you know they always have your best interests in mind.
  • Support network shared interests/hobbies/people to play with so  you are not just reliant on one person to make your world wonderful but have many to share it with.
Mentor in life and/or the workplace
  • Career-help you grow, inspire, challenge you
  • Mentor/Spiritual Advisor/Guide/Direction/Values


Emotional Health Counsellor/Coach
  • Good friends are not always the best unbiased knowledgeable resources to take concerns to
  • Trained professionals can help you see clearer and open up perspective
Physical Health Support
  • So many great avenues to choose from to find what combination works for you & your family-Modern Western approaches to Timeless Natural Wisdom practises.
  • Doctor, Naturopath, Homeopath, Chiropractor, Specialists, Acupuncturist, Osteopath, Nutritionist, Massage Therapist, Athletic/Fitness Trainer/Coach, Dentist, Esthetician


  • For Personal and/or Business Finances-budgeting, taxes, forecasting
  • A partner who can help you see financial considerations and keep you up to date/accurate
  • Legal, Wills, Contracts
  • Loans, Mortgage, Savings Plan
  • Stocks, RRSP’s, Retirement, Education
Insurance Broker
  • Health, home, vehicles
Computer IT
  • Home & Business-up to date, backed up, efficient, protected
  • Help you make informed, thought out decisions
Plumber, Electrician, Builder/Home Designer  
  • Help keep likely your largest asset in top operating condition, keep you and your loved ones safe & comfortable
  • Functions, flows, biggest investment for most people and where alot of time is spent.  Home can be a place of rest & rejuvenation or stress if you don’t take care of it/it doesn’t function well.
Marketing Support
  • Social & Print Media presence & professionalism.  Free yourself up to make your contribution in the areas that you enjoy and help get your great products/services out there for others to take advantage of.
  • Reliable, honest, keep you safe and the wheels rolling
  • Health and happiness for the whole family-even the fury-four legged ones
  • Reality might be that a Cleaner on your Team would be a huge benefit to keeping life clean, orderly and easy.  And, perhaps you would then have more time for what and who you love 🙂
  • Be able to comfortably take a night out/night off when you want/need to
  • Spend some quality time with your partner and friends
Hairdresser, Seamstress
  • It’s nice to not just feel good inside but also to be happy with your outward presentation too.
Travel Agent
  • With the internet many people do all of their own travel bookings but weigh in the value of your time and where your expertise lays and you might find it less stressful and more cost effective to still hire the help of a professional travel agent.
Great Neighbour/Friend  
  • What a wonderful gift it is to have a great neighbour.  Someone who will keep an eye on your house, property, pets, plants.