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Simone Bourassa
MA, BA Psychology
RYT 500Hr, Reiki Level II
Certified Life Coach (Center for Applied Neuro-Science)
Office Hours: by appointment

Simone’s lifelong passion has been to understand and support people.

Living YogAdventures with Simone Bourassa

She brings a well rounded approach to a positive experience for the human condition through extensive education and experience.

With over 15 years in human behaviour analysis and a Master’s Degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis, Undergraduate Degree in Psychology & Neuro-Science,  a Certified Life Coach through the Center for Applied Neuro-Science, an RYT 500Hr Yoga Instructor, and Reiki Level II practitioner; Simone has dedicated her life to people.

With a strong professional and personal connection to  evidence based behaviour approaches, yogic philosophy and mindfulness; Simone brings a unique perspective and approach to supporting and encouraging people to a higher level of health, wellness and overall satisfaction in the adventures of life.

Invite yourself to live, by experiencing an adventure in life coaching, private or group yoga sessions, reiki treatment or an incredible yoga and wellness retreat with Simone & Living YogAdventures.

Dive into the mind, body, breath connection. Build strength, stamina, flexibility, and awareness of movement to benefit any sport or adventure you take on in life.

One-on-one private and group yoga sessions are specialized, personalized programs tailored to what you and your body need. Private group Yoga classes provide a customized personalized experience for your special event or team building activity. Perfect for wedding parties, staff functions, or a fun activity for a group of friends.

On-going support to keep you on track and heading in your best direction.

Life Coaching
Personal Coaching – Enhance your personal and interpersonal well-being.
Absorb support and practical strategies to plan and reach goals, navigate difficult emotion or inter-personal challenges with a one on one life coaching session. 

Life Coaching sessions encourage you into your best self, to live your most fulfilling life through practical, neuro-science and mindfulness based strategies.

Corporate Coaching
Corporate Coaching Sessions collaborate with your business management and staff to promote work and job satisfaction, increase productivity and increase a positive business and working experience for all. Evidence based strategies for management and supervisors to lead their teams to success. One-one support for staff to find their passion enthusiasm for employment and passion for their work. The happier, more satisfied we are within our employment the better we become at our jobs, corporate coaching sessions collaborates with you to get your business and staff there!

Reiki & Aromatherapy Reiki
I am a Level II Reiki Practitioner. In addition to traditional Reiki Treatment I offer an aromatherapy reiki treatment inducing the healing qualities into the reiki treatment boosting an individuals ability to heal and lower cortisol levels (the stress hormone) leading to decrease in stress and anxiety.