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Olivia Griffioen, M.A.

Psychoeducational assessments for Children and Adolescents.

Psychoeducational assessments provide a unique perspective on a child’s areas of learning strengths and needs using cognitive, academic, behavioural, and social-emotional assessment. An assessment can confirm conditions that may be interfering with learning (e.g., a learning disability, intellectual disability, ADHD, giftedness, or related mental health concerns). The assessment provides practical evidence-based recommendations to tailor a child’s education so that they continue to build on their strengths, compensate for areas of need, and build new skills. In the school setting, a psychoeducational assessment is an important piece of the puzzle when determining a student’s eligibility for a special education designation or access to additional supports.

Assessment for Post-Secondary Students and Adults

Psychoeducational assessments for post-secondary students and adults are helpful for obtaining appropriate accommodations in school or the work place (e.g., additional time to write tests, the use of assistive technology for reading or writing). These assessments identify disorders related to learning such as learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, or ADHD. Post secondary students may have access to grant money to cover the cost of the psychoeducational assessment. Adults who experience challenges with the activities of daily living, or those living with Intellectual Disabilities, also benefit from assessments to determine qualification for programs such as AISH/PDD (Alberta) and PWD/CLBC (British Columbia).

About Olivia Griffioen

I’m Olivia Griffioen, Registered Psychologist (BC#2429, AB#4938) based in Fernie, British Columbia. I attended Dalhousie University and Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Prior to moving to Fernie in August 2018, I worked in school districts across the country as a School Psychologist and Educational Consultant.

​I grew up with an incredible sister who also has an Intellectual Disability and Cerebral Palsy. At a young age, I watched in amazement as my mother advocated for my sister to receive equal opportunities and individualized programming at school. I decided to pursue post-secondary education to find a way that I could give back to my communities by supporting the learning and mental wellness of all learners.

I am passionate about supporting clients in reaching their personal, school, and work-related goals. Taking the time to get to know clients is important to me. I care deeply about promoting learning environments that are welcoming, caring, and respectful of diversity and nurture a sense of belonging for all students. I welcome you to get in touch with me so we can determine together whether my services may be a good fit for your needs.