Yann Loranger of Happy Culture Inc.


Astrology Readings in FernieBeyond its therapeutic and self-development potential, Astrology is a science that connects both our inner and outer quests to the world of archetypes, the divine world, nature in its most essential expression.

An Astrology reading will help you to feel and understand more clearly the support that this subtle but omnipresent world inherently provides you in each domain of your life: profession, friends, studies, family, society, self realization, partnerships, love, etc…

Yann Loranger of Happy Culture Inc. provides Astrology readings based out of Inside Out Fernie Wellness.

  • $100 for the first session, 2 hours full chart reading.
  • $75 for any following reading, one hour and a half usually focused on transits.
  • Fridays, 9am – 9pm by appointment

Contact Yann Loranger at: 250-919-8783