Improve your financial health with a qualified bookkeeper


A common thread to Business Well-being is working with a bookkeeper to keep the business, the numbers, the money, the legal work all in focus and up to date.

Peace of mind about our general finances and business helps us relate better, make better decisions, sleep better and enjoy life with greater ease.

Just as we consider a dentist and family doctor as members of our wellness team, so should a great bookkeeper be part of everyone’s support network.

A bookkeeper can assist with everything from keeping your files in order, to tax preparation, personal budgeting, invoicing, software set up, business payroll, gst and tax remittances. Don’t despair if you are behind in taxes, your files are messy and you don’t know where to begin. That’s common and they are trained to help you get started, get it done and keep it well managed which allows you to spend your time in your area of expertise so you can make decisions and prosper in your business and life with greater ease.

Lisa Thompson the owner of Elk Valley Bookkeeping and Anna Roberts her assistant are based out of Inside Out Fernie Wellness but also offer their travel on site services throughout the Elk Valley. They offer their services in English and Swedish.

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“Life is not a stress rehearsal.” – Loretta LaRoche