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What is Brainspotting™?

Brainspotting™ is a powerful, evidence-based focused mindfulness method, that works by identifying, processing and releasing core issues of emotional/physical pain, negative experiences, and a variety of other challenging symptoms like anxiety and depression, especially when traditional talk therapy hasn’t helped. Brainspotting does not have to include talking about the past. It is enhanced with Biolateral sound, which is deep, direct, and powerful.

Brainspotting gives us a tool to locate, focus, process, and release past negative experiences and symptoms that are typically out of reach of the conscious mind (thinking brain) and its cognitive capacity. Brainspotting can be used to expand your personal capabilities.

If you ever say to yourself “I should meditate more” this is a great tool to hold yourself accountable.

“Where you look affects how you feel.”
~ Dr. David Grand

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