Home Design and Décor

Fernie Interior Design ServicesHomes and work spaces that function and flow well contribute to our overall heath and well-being.  We can all recognize that some spaces-places-rooms make us feel great while others drain our energy.

It is the norm not the exception to have in our personal environments overstuffed rooms, broken furniture and decor, messy, cluttered, dysfunctional, uninspiring rooms that even embarrass us and give cause for anxiety.

Creating spaces that reflect our values, relax or energize us depending on our wants and needs are well worth the effort.  Not only do we benefit from living in high functioning beautiful spaces but so do those around us who we interact with on a day to day basis.  We spend on average 12 – 14 hrs a day in our homes and 8 – 10 hrs in our workplaces and if they don’t “fit” us well they can negatively impact our eating habits, socializing plans, sleep patterns, moods, effectiveness, energy levels, relationships and sense of peace and calm.

Sue Hutchinson of Inspired Spaces Design & Décor offers a range of services to help make positive changes big (home building covering everything from design to construction to furnishing) or small such as paint color changes and new linens to commercial or residential properties.

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How does loving the environment of where you live/ work help you combat the sniffles & flu?