Neuro Linguistic Programming

Life Coaching

Inside Out Fernie Wellness is pleased to have both a male and female Life Coach on site.  Each of them have unique training, expertise and life experience to share working with clients.

Cristallin Toullec provides Life Coaching Services with additional special training in NLP. He mindfully incorporates his Life Coaching experience with his Osteopathy work also.

Sue Hutchinson of Evolve INK Coaching & Consulting is also a Life Coach. Her specialty areas are blending Business Consulting with Life Coaching, Meditation and Money Coaching. Sue has been offering personal development workshops at her office and through the College of the Rockies Fernie campus since 2006. Workshops are a fun, affordable way to shake things up, learn, make changes and re-energize life.

Read Sue’s article on the value of daily journaling about what we feel good about and grateful for.

Why work with a Life Coach? Typically people work with a Life Coach for the same reasons they work with a coach of any sorts except in this context it is all related to their overall life.

  • You feel stuck or frustrated with your current experience in areas of your life.
  • You could use more encouragement and support to make changes, go for what you really want in life rooted in your values
  • Accountability structures work well for you to achieve results
  • You want to learn new skills-raise the bar-take your life to the next level – you are ready to grow and evolve
  • You want an unbiased sounding board for new ideas, challenges, changes, decisions happening in your life
  • You want to be challenged & inspired to move beyond your current circumstances
  • You are looking for help creating & meeting meaningful goals that promote life balance.
  • Old habits and patterns need to be resolved and new ones formed aligned with what you truly want
  • You wish to develop your overall strengths & abilities and use them productively in areas of interest and meaning to you.  

Working with a Life Coach can incorporate looking at all areas of one’s life-Work, Health, Finances, Family & Relationships, Hobbies/Creative Outlets, Social Engagement with an aim to find meaning, purpose and balance. As a Life Coach, just as in Sports, the Coachee has to do the work-the Coach can’t do it. Life Coaches don’t tell clients what to do rather they encourage the client to come to their own decisions and conclusions grounded in the clarity of their values. Depending on the Life Coach’s style there can often be a variety of tools and techniques to support the clients learning and outcomes. Some people meet with their Life Coach weekly in person or over the phone, others once a month and others still just seek out their support from time to time.

The Definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. That is ultimately why people seek out a Life Coach – they are ready for change or if they aren’t quite ready, they realize something – someone has to change and likely it is them!

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”  Mahatma Gandhi