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Meditation is a no cost or very low cost highly effective wellness practise. Life is busy and it is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle and lose focus on what truly matters. Meditation is an opportunity to tune into your wise quiet mind-the inner self and let go of exterior worries, concerns and influences.

Meditation in Fernie with Sue Bawden

Although meditation has been a healthy part of many cultures for thousands of years, it is now being adopted throughout the world because it’s scientific mind-body benefits can now be explained and proven.  Meditation is no longer just for spiritual seekers. It’s audience has evolved to include athletes, business professionals, children, college students, medical leaders, individuals from all walks of life.

There are thousands of meditation styles to explore to find one(s) that suits you best.

Budha was asked, “What have you gained from meditation?”  He replied, “Nothing! However  let me tell you what I lost:  Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity, Fear of Old Age and Death.”

Once you experience it first hand you will know for yourself the benefits of it which are vast including and not limited to

  • Increased ability to focus
  • Ease in relationships – listen better – communicate better
  • More responsive – less reactive
  • Relaxes the heart – lowers blood pressure
  • More in tune with the body sensations, tightness – listening to the body as a partner
  • Manage stress better – calmer – reduce anxiety
  • Reduce negative self talk – quiet the mind of negative chatter/emotional turbulence.  When are minds and emotions are peaceful we experience increased light-heartedness and freedom
  • More confident
  • Greater creativity and creative thinking
  • Enhances brain chemistry to ward off depression
  • Increased intuition
  • Deeper sleep and general relaxation = more energy
  • Less judgmental, more open minded
  • More conscious choice making moving us away from what is toxic to maximizing nourishing choices
  • Pain management – ability to redirect attention
  • Better physical balance/agility
  • Increased feelings of peace and trust
  • Become more heart-centered vs. head-ego centered and driven.  Less need to serve the ego or be trapped by it.
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reverses the side affects of stress

Simply put, because it supports a healthy heart and reduces stress, it is a positive avenue to help reduce two of North America’s most prominent health issues. And, once you learn it, it is free, all natural and has no negative side affects. It is easy to learn with a little direction and support and the positive outcomes are well worth the effort.

Sue Hutchinson has been exploring her personal meditation practise since 2006 and has been teaching classes in Fernie through her business Evolve INK Coaching & Consulting and through the College of the Rockies since 2009. She continues to deepen her practise and train with Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Center for Wellbeing each year. Sue is passionate about teaching meditation and offers individual and couples meditation sessions, workshops and retreats through her business.  She has an office located upstairs at the back of the building at Inside Out Fernie Wellness.

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