Money Coaching

Money Coaching

photo_lifeinbalanceAn all encompassing approach to Wellness can not ignore the role money plays in our lives.  Money affects our career choices, it is the number one subject couples argue about and divorce because of, it can keep us awake at night, cause us deep personal, emotional and physical stress, messes with our values, it can paralyze our choice making and keep us stuck in less than happy circumstances.

And all too often, people don’t reach out for help because they are afraid, embarrassed, feel ashamed or are in denial. The traditional money help appears to be designed more for investing, budgeting or saving. Money Coaching bridges the gap between the financial services industry and the field of psychology. It is about helping clients understand their emotional landscape in relation to money, their generational family money history and their resulting behaviour patterns. When these aspects are brought to our conscious awareness in a supportive environment without shame, blame, judgement or guilt, new ways of being with money can emerge and old habits/patterns can heal.

photo_happycouplefingersIt is a step by step approach designed to make permanent shifts with money as either individuals or as a couple involving coaching and written exercises. Patterns and mindsets such as save-spend, hording, scarcity consciousness (there will never be enough), fear of losing everything, controlling others, avoidance, gambling, poor me syndrome, overspending and conflicting values are examined and addressed among other common challenging money behaviours/patterns/mindsets.  It is a very heart centered approach to the subject of money that includes challenging our beliefs about it, forgiving ourselves and others for our past money history, adopting healthy money action plans, focusing in our skills, talents, abilities and heartfelt desires so that we may accept our money biography of the past and rewrite a new future money relationship and results.

Exploring money in this new light opens doors for people that otherwise seemed locked or impossible. The process is insightful, fascinating, creates a lighter money consciousness and leads clients to take and make healthier money choices. After completing 4 – 8 sessions, people are more conscious, more empowered, make healthier money choices and they are more open to seek the support they desire from the financial services industry.

Sue Hutchinson of Evolve INK Coaching & Consulting has been trained and continues to train in this new emerging field with Deborah Price the CEO of the Money Coaching Institute and the author of both The Heart of Money and Money Magic.

Sue has an office at Inside Out Fernie Wellness where she offers private, couples & group sessions.  She also offers Money Coaching via Skype.